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Message from Chairman



Dear Europes Korean compatriot scientists and engineers,


The year of 2009 bears special significance to us, the Korean Scientists’ and Engineers’ Association in the UK (KSEAUK), as we reach this year, the 35th anniversary of the association’s establishment in the UK, 35, the age of no scepticism and self-reliance. The KSEAUK laid its foundation for the last 35 years through a mountain of trials and errors and, also we have continued our endeavour to improve in terms of quality and quantity for the last 7 years. We now dare to have the confidence to say that we have contributed to the development of science and technology for our homeland.


Following the successful hosting of last year’s KSEAUK pan-EU Conference (EKC2008) in Heidelberg, Germany, we plan to continue this tradition in 2009 in London, UK , with the hosting of EKC2009 at Wokefield Park, Reading. We are truly excited to be able to provide the opportunity and the venue where Europe’s Korean scientists and engineers and also those scientists and engineers in Korea can meet in one place so as to exchange information and network with one another.


 The theme for EKC2009 is: “Science and Technology Closer to Humanity - Greenness”. For the last half century, we have seen ‘science and technology’ develop at an extremely fast rate for humans’ conveniences and profits. As such, humanity at large enjoys much of the benefits. On the other hand, the indiscriminate development of ‘science and technology’ has resulted in the pollution, greenhouse effects and other environmental disasters so to threaten the very existence of humanity. It is about time that we admitted that science and technology should not only be a tool of our convenience but also one that is human-friendly and environmentally friendly.


 For the duration of the event, parallel with this theme of EKC2009, the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies (KOFST) will be hosting a symposium entitled “Ultra-Program”, focussing on the area of environmentally friendly technology and energy in depth. Moreover a variety of expert presentations ranging from nanotechnology to aerospace engineering will be delivered at EKC2009, giving you a plenty of opportunities to information exchange and awareness of the issues. We deem your contribution and participation crucial for the successful hosting of pan-EU EKC2009 and hope to see you there.


 Looking forward to seeing you all in the historic country of England.


Dr. Junghwan Lee

Chairman of EKC2009

The AMRC with Boeing

University of Sheffield, Sheffield

United Kingdom